We the North – Episode 10

This summer got off to a great start with a HUGE win for Toronto, making NBA history as the first team outside of the US to win the championship. On this episode of Rebellion Refined, Nik and Raz talk about the effect the Toronto Raptor’s win had on the city and the country.

Top 5 Musical Artists Who Made A Cultural Impact – Episode 9

On this episode of Rebellion Refined, Nik & Raz work on their negotiation skills to come up with the Top 5 musical artists who had a significant impact on culture. With no prior discussion to the recording, they surprise each other with some of their choices and discuss the pros and cons to an artist making the list.

Listen in and see what they came up with.

Hot like Fyre – Episode 8

What do you get when you pair a washed up rapper with a smooth talking millennial entrepreneur? Fyre Festival 2017, one of the biggest festival scams. On this episode of Rebellion Refined, Nik and Raz discuss the Netflix documentary and their overall feelings about social media influencers, the modern music industry and the state of modern entitlement.

Listen in, this one is HOT like Fiiiiiiire.

Educate Me: Kiss – Episode 7

You wanted the best, you got the best!

This episode of Rebellion Refined features a new Educate Me segment and it’s Raz’s turn to do some teaching. The band of choice could only be his favourite band of all time….KISS. Listen in as he gives a bit of a band history and shares some interesting tid bits about the band’s history and rise to stardom.


What’s up at Antikka – Episode 6

On this episode of Rebellion Refined Nik and Raz talk about the exciting events happening at their recording studio also known as Antikka Cafe and Records. Soul Sessions, Jam Sessions and recording sessions! Throw in some sweet vinyl, coffee, signature cocktails and now some tasty new sweet treats!

Check out Antikka on Instagram for updates on these amazing events and more! And if you happen to pop by on a Thursday morning you may even catch Nik and Raz recording their next episode.

Stay groovy you smokin’ cats.

Educate Me: To Pimp A Butterfly – Episode 5

On this episode of Rebellion Refined, Nik & Raz introduce the first of a new segment called Educate Me. This segment is a chance for them to educate the other and hopefully those listening on a genre, artist, or even art form, that they may have prejudged. It’s a chance to get out of your comfort zone and learn a little bit about something you may think you already know. For the first Educate Me episode, Nik takes Raz through Kendrick Lamar’s Grammy winning album To Pimp A Butterfly.

*Episode correction: The 2016 Grammy winner for Album of the Year was 1989 by Taylor Swift NOT Beyonce…Raz who do you think you are, Kanye West??

P.S. Funnily is a word.

The Oscars, Kidney Stones and a Lot of Blood – Episode 4

Better late than terrible.

The week leading up to the Oscars proved to be as dramatic and gory as a film nominated for best picture. On this episode of Rebellion Refined, Nik & Raz talk about Raz’s rough week, their most memorable soundtracks, and this year’s Oscars.

Wine, Cheese and Cultural Identity- Episode 3

A fabulous wine and cheese party sparks some discussion around cultural identity. Does Toronto have a strong identity or are we trying too hard to be like the metropolitans of our southern neighbours?

Listen in to see what Nik and Raz have to say, plus Raz treats us to rant about his distaste for current fashion trend.








The Grammys and Tossing Chairs – Episode 2

On this episode of Rebellion Refined, Nik & Raz talk the 61st Annual Grammys. They discuss their likes, dislikes and Raz’s favourite performance of the night from Grammy winner H.E.R. And Nik also rants about Toronto’s recent social media darling, the Chair Tosser.

You’re Not Welcome Here – Episode 1

This is the first episode of Rebellion Refined and hopefully the beginning of something beautiful. An extension of the creative community birthed at Antikka Cafe & Records, Nik and Raz chat about the randomness of the human experience, the importance of connecting with others and living your worst life.

Listen in as they share their passionate opinions…or maybe they’re just angry. Either way they hope you’re entertained.